Coturnix Quail Feather Earrings

Coturnix Quail Feather Earrings

Quail Craft & Gift

For those of us who raise quail for self-sufficiency, there are a lot of feathers left after processing day! What to do with all those extras?

Our friend Kristina from Guidroz Family Farm shares her secrets for making beautiful earrings from quail feathers - without jewelry making tools!

Watch the video here to see her process from start to finish. Stay tuned to the end to see her materials list so you can make your own! 

If you don't have quail feathers on hand, you can buy Kristina's earrings  or buy some feathers from Kim at Timber Ridge Quail Farm.

You can also support Kristina's work by subscribing to the Guidroz Family Farm YouTube channel.

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