Quail Business Tools: Flockstar

Quail Business Tools: Flockstar

As quail raisers, many of us (okay, a LOT of us!) sell eggs as a side hustle. And we all know how important it is to track our production, costs, and sales. 

With the Flockstar app, you can enter in your data on your phone, wherever you are!

In this video, Brian, founder and developer of Flockstar, will give you a tour of his tracking app that is ideal for homesteaders. Watch this video to see how to use Flockstar to:   

  • track "flocks" (any species or specific groups)
  • enter egg counts, see cost per egg! ❤️
  • record sales/expenses for taxes 😊
  • export reports to Excel 🔥

    Get the Flockstar app

    Full disclosure: Quail University is not a Flockstar affiliate and does not receive any financial compensation for this video. We just like this resource and want to share it with you! 


    Our Quail 101 on-demand course covers everything from hatching to housing, brooding to butchering. Includes a spreadsheet that will automatically calculate

    • how many quail you need
    • how often to hatch
    • how many eggs you need to sell to cover your feed costs!

    Get Quail 101

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