Gifts for Coturnix Quail Lovers

Gifts for Coturnix Quail Lovers

Delight the quail enthusiast in your life

Searching for quail gifts online can be frustrating because many products feature North American quail, not Coturnix (Japanese) quail.

This guide features gift items specific to Coturnix quail!

Gifts Under $25

shirts and a hoodie with coturnix quail designsearrings made from coturnix qail feathers
hand-painted coturnix quail ornament made of woodthree quail cookbooksa cookie cutter in the shape of a coturnix quail
decal in the shape of a coturnix quail with text that says quail is the new chickencoturnix quail egg holder, whitea box with a quail egg in it and glitter in bags metal signs in red, green, and black that say there's like a lot of quail in herea straw topper in the shape of a coturnix quail

Gifts $25-50


coturnix quail egg earrings
Quail 101 online coursea cut metal sign showing a coturnix quail, lit from behind
a pillow showing the phases of the moon but with a coturnix quail egg

Happy shopping! 

Disclosure: We don't receive commissions for any of the products listed here. This guide is intended to support small businesses owners and creators who serve the quail community.

If you make and sell gift items that are different from the ones shown above, send your suggestions to Linda at

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