a light colored coturnix quail on a red background with a circle of grit (small stones)

How to save 8-10% on quail feed!

With the cost of feed skyrocketing, quail raisers are looking for ways to save.

Jeff Mattocks, poultry nutrition expert and president of Fertrell, shares an easy way to reduce your feed costs by 8-10%.

His advice? Use grit. 

How can tiny pebbles add up to big savings?

Grit grinds up feed into smaller bits so they can get digested. Without grit, larger particles may pass right on through the bird without being digested.

Without grit, we are throwing some of our feed dollars right down the...poop chute!

The nitty gritty:

Jeff offers five tips for using grit with coturnix quail:

1. Use crushed granite or quartzite grit
    not limestone grit or oyster shells

2. Use grit with any feed type
    mash, crumble, or pellets

3. Add grit to your feed
    In addition to offering grit next to the feeder, mix grit into feed. How much?
    8 oz grit per 40-lb bag of feed
    10 oz of grit per 50-lb bag of feed

4. Give grit to your chicks
    Chick starter grit for chickens works well

5. Use grit that's about the same size as your feed particles
    For adults, grower grit for chickens works well

So if you'd like healthier quail and a happier wallet, give grit a go! 

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Thanks for the vid – had been wondering if grit was necessary for quail (have been getting mixed opinions regarding this as well).


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