Winterizing Quail

Winterizing Quail

Help your quail thrive this winter

As the cold weather approaches, you may be wondering: 

  • Do my quail need heat?
  • Will they stop laying eggs? 
  • How can I keep them safe?
  • What if my waterers freeze?

In this post, you'll get a list of the top videos on winterizing - plus a new infographic (with a citation list!) from Bre Patz. 

No time to read or watch? Here's a quick summary:


Provide a min. of 12-14 hours of light daily to keep hens laying.
Collect eggs before sundown to prevent freezing/cracking.


If water freezes, change it out at least twice daily or heat your waterers.


Provide a sheltered space that's draft-free, ventilated and DRY!


Supplemental heat is needed only in temps below -40 F/C.


    5 Tips for Winterizing Quail
    Myshire Farm (OH)

    How to Prepare Your Quail Hutch for Winter
    Slightly Rednecked (MO)

    Quail in Blizzard Conditions
    NY Coturnix (NY)

    Raising Quail in the Winter
    Urban Homesteading with Danielle (NJ)


      This new resource from Bre Patz from Pips 'n Chicks has information that applies to both quail and chickens. Notice the numbers in here? They refer to this citation page with more in-depth information about winterizing poultry!  

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