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Quail 101

Quail 101

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Independently raise your own protein 

Ready to become a quail-raiser?

Get a head start in raising quail for food, fun, and freedom!

Quail 101 gives you clear information and useful tips from trusted sources so you can save time and money. Get all the basics of hatching, housing, feeding, and breeding so you can raise Coturnix quail with confidence and reach your self-sufficiency goals.

Your time is valuable. So we LOADED this course with short, skill-building videos and useful resources that cut through to the heart of what you need to know.  

  • Build skills quickly with our short, focused videos
  • Find out exactly how many quail you need for your family
  • Calculate your costs (and profits, if you plan to sell eggs!)
  • Download guides and checklists

This course has 100% 5-star reviews and a completion rate 7x higher than the average online course graduation rate.

"I am just getting into quail and this course has been unbelievably helpful." - Jeremy H

"Easy one-stop-shop instead of trying to independently think of all the questions to look up." - Hadley W

The good you'll do
A percentage of your purchase is used to purchase incubators for kids who want to raise quail to start an egg business or provide eggs for their family and neighbors. Thank you!

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